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We are on a mission to address the complex issues of digital threats to children and offer a common-sense, practical solution that will prepare them to be safe, vigilant, resilient and successful while online.
About Us
Since 2019, a team of cyber security experts, educators and psychologists have been brought together to build a platform that tackles these issues in a comprehensive way.
Only Hackersjack and our unique essential four pillars addresses all the risks and prepares kids to be safe and successful in cyberspace.
The Hackersjack Team
Ikram Akbar
Jim Hopper
Managing Director North America
Brian Ebert
Chief Strategy Officer / USA
Steve O'Hara
Manager School Integration
Chris Hopper
Manager, North East USA
Michelle Haris
Dr. Felicity McFarlane
Leigh Nesbitt
School Moderator / AUS
Bilal Khalid
Chief Technology Officer
Joham Khalid
UI/UX Designer
Don't let them go online without it.
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The first & only comprehensive, web-based learning platform designed to teach kids how to identify, avoid and mitigate cyber threats and thrive in the online environment.
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